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I would appreciate if Fill in the blanks could mark which of the word/words are wrong. If a sentence of 7 words are supposed to be written, the end user does not know which of the words that is wrong. The whole section gets marked as wrong. Right now we create 7 "boxes" for a 7 word sentence and the end user has to write one word in each box and then tab or move the cursor to the next box. The end users however have complained that it is annoying with one word in each "box".




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Thanks for the feedback. In this case you have seven boxes in a row with blanks, am I correct ? I can see how this would be hard to answer. I'm having a bit of trouble imagining the use-case for this, do you have an example we could see ? Have you considered structuring your tasks in a different way ? Do you know what the users find annoying about having to type in a single word in each box in Fill in the Blanks ?

Finally do you have any suggestion for how this could be solved for you use-case ?

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I will attach some pictures of how we use it. 

Picture 1. The purpose is to have the student learn how to form questions out of a statement, and write them. We didn't want to use drag and drop or any other content type. The statement "Namn börjar med stor bokstav." Should be written as "Börjar namn med stor bokstav".

Picture 2. The purpose is to train the student in listening and writing, dictation. So the user listens to audiofile, and writes what he or she hears. We noticed that the students had a lot of trouble knowing which word/words was/were correct and which were wrong so we changed to 1 word per box. If you look at picture 2, both number 2 and 3 are wrong. In number 2 there is a missing word and in number 3 the spelling is wrong. It would be good if a word was missing it could come an error message saying "one word is missing". And in the use case of spelling wrong it could mark only the word that did not match, not the whole sentence as wrong.

The users found it annoying to tab or to move forward with the cursor when having one word per box. So the extra clicking or pressing button was annoying. They preferred to write whole sentences in one, however then we could not mark what went wrong...



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Hi again,

Thank you for the clarification. I can imagine this would be a very useful tool, however Fill in the Blanks is not really made for this use case.

Traditionally Blanks is made to hold only one word per blanks/cloze/"box". I think your use case should be a separate content type, with similar functionality to Blanks, but with a text parser so it could identify the different words, their order, and thus which word is correctly placed within the text's order. Thanks again, this is a great suggestion.

- Thomas