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The H5P timeline function is very good to get an overview of working projects and what to do when. But since I have several projects in the timeline I wish to have them in different colours ( I want the "charts" in the timeline to be in different colours, see attached picture). I can´t find this function anywhere when I edit the headline text and body text ( see attached picture). I guess this might be an pretty easy thing to add to the function? But I am not that good at programming so I need help..

I would be so grateful!

Thank you

/ Andréa


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Thanks for your feature request.

- Tom

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The timeline library is based on a third party library called TimelineJS. In this library they use images/sprites to create the "charts"/labels of the events on the timeline. It is not a trivial task to change the color of these images since it involves changing this in the third-party library. However I'm sure it can be accomplished with some determination.

- Thomas