essay questions and teacher comments?

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Short version: does anyone have tips for using H5P for a question type where the student submits a free-form answer which is then graded by a human? 

A while back I had a go at creating a suuper basic "essay question" type, but never got around to doing more than the very basics. Now we're thinking about resurrecting it as part of a larger project, where students submit answers in a mobile app (we have a js-based standalone h5p interpreter that I believe one of our developers shared here a while back), which are sync'd to an xapi LRS. The instructor would use a wordpress-based site to view the answers, and submit grades and replies, which would need to be sync'd back to the app.

I realize most of this isn't part of H5P's normal use model and so we'll have to add a lot of it ourselves, but are there any suggestions or recent (or upcoming?) developments that would be handy for things like freeform "essay question" answers, attaching comments to answers, etc?

Thanks for any suggestions folks have. 

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Hi! It's cool to hear that you're using H5P in such an advanced manner. Have you had a look at the Questionnaire content type which was released not too long ago? It allows for open questions without any direct feedback – it only submits the user's answers as xAPI events so that if you have an LRS you can manually grade the answers.

I just created a content type for this, see