June 2021 Roadmap Update

The June 2021 release is massive, and the community is working on things that are even more impressive! Many of these developments are now in the final stages of testing.

Let’s have a look at what you can look forward to in the next few months!

More live engagement tools

Have a look at our next live engagement tool, meet “The Chase”:

The Chase will allow existing H5P content types and even existing H5P content to be used in a competitive mode in real-time, celebrating everyone's efforts at the end.

We are also adding shortcodes to the live engagement tools making it easier to connect to a game with your phone. The Chase is fully implemented and is currently being tested by the H5P Core Team and a few universities.

Escape room features in Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour is about to receive a major update allowing authors to place secret areas and padlocks in the 3D environment facilitating the creation of 3D escape rooms! These features are being developed by NDLA.

The H5P OER Hub

It is now possible for H5P.com, Moodle and Drupal 7 users to share their content in the H5P OER Hub. The Core Team is currently completing the content search experience and integrating it with more platforms.

When the Hub releases it will quickly become the OER repository with the most users in the world, and if we work hard we’ll be able to make it the most valuable collection of learning resources that has ever existed.

Remember our unique advantages:

  • Everything shared to the Hub can be used on any platform. It won’t be locked into only your LMS or publishing platform.
  • Everything shared is fully editable so that when someone wants to reuse it, they may always adapt their version if they want to, and may also share their own version. The Hub is part of the free, open and massively adopted H5P authoring tool!
  • The Hub is pushed forward by the global, diverse and massively creative H5P Community.

The H5P format has a much larger reach than any other format and the H5P OER Hub is by far the most important part of our vision; empower everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content.

More new content types coming

The community has been working hard on many, many new exciting H5P content types. Some of the most exciting are developed by otacke and include AR Scavenger - Augmented reality quizzing! You can also look forward to content types for crosswords, paragraph sorting, Cornell Notes and much more!

What to do next?