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I would like to put forward a feature request regarding the Image Hotspot content type.

First, make it possible to upload 360/panaramic images that can be panned around by a user. This would allow the creation of location based teaching resources that allow online users to interact with a place they can't physically visit. For example, I could go to a forest and take a 360 image and point out all of the important features to students. (A long shot, but this could also eventually be integrated with VR tech?)

Second, would it be possible to make more options available for the content item of the hotspots. At the moment text, video or image are available. It would be great if other H5P content types could be made available as well. For instance a quiz or interactive video. This could enrich the image hotspot experience for users.

My understanding of programming is rudimentary so I don't know if these suggestions are even possible. Please feel free to ignore this if the suggestions are rediculous!

All the best,


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Hi Adam,

Your suggestions are awesome!

A lot of work needs to be put in for the 360 images but it is far from impossible.

For the additional options in the hotspot I think a link to another content type should work for now. There has been some discussions regarding adding a similar feature in Course Presentation which will make it easier since we just need to send it to another slide rather than a different page.

Thank you for all your suggestions.



I have the same suggestion as Adam. It will be great if we can add a 360 image as hotspot on a simple image (or 360 too).

I hope this is possible !


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Hey everyone!

We're working on it already, and the prototype is actually pretty sweet. H5P Three Image


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Any timeline on the release of this feature? We're itching to start 360 image tutorials to teach film equipment to students using hotspots. Glad this is in the works! Bravo!

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Sorry, no.

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I would love to 3D scan a high-end video camera and then add interactive hotspots that students could click on to see information about a certain button, knob, feature, etc., rotating the camera around to explore everything. This would be an amazing feature for almost any physical object. Thanks for all your work!

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The current version doesn't feature 3D models, but 360 degree images only. Didn't want to raise wrong expectations.

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Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully, the seed is planted then. ;)

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It is :-)