Teacher Review Option for Certain Activities in Moodle

Many of the activities have no way to automatically give a grade, requiring the teacher to grade manually.  But the teacher has no way to see what a student has done in the activity.  For example, the audio recorder would be great to use for foreign language assignments but there is no way for a teacher to hear what the students have recorded.  

For assignments that do assign a grade, it would be a bonus if the activity deactivated once a correct answer had been reached (or at least the grading part).  Currently, a student can do something correctly, get 100%, try it again and make a mistake and then end up with a 0.

Moodle: Deactivate grading depending on answer
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I have the same problem. I used "Image Sequencing"  interactive content to test the plugin.  So the only option for the activity completion it's to get a grade given by the teacher, but the teacher can't see what happens with the student interaction. 


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the problem with locking a grade when the student answers 100% correctly is that the student can answer all permutations of a task to always get a full answer, without knowing anything about the answer. And how should this be handled if a student has 90% complete, shouldn't this also not be overwritten by a new score of 0, there are many nuances to this problem and how it should be solved.

You can already get more detailed analysis of student's answers by using an LRS in combination with H5P events to see the student's progress over time and all of their scores. See the guide for analyzing results and answers for more information.

This will however not enable users to get audio recordings from the audio recorder. For now these will have to be submitted to the teacher by the students as an extra action through other channels, such as email. Having a deeper integration with deliverables and more detailed analysis of results would definitely be nice though.

Thank you for the feedback.