H5P hotspot icon customizing


Thanks to all your efforts to make this plugins awsome

Is it possible to customize hotspot icon to make it smaller or transparent or totally transparent because it became so noisy and covers the background image

this is the example https://mechaniclove.com/car-parts-infograph/

hotspot icon customizing
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Hi Khaled!

Not with the regular version, but there's a fork that allows to set the size of the Hotspots (and to add more content types), cmp. https://www.zum.de/portal/blog/ZUMTeam/Neuer-H5P-Inhaltstyp-auf-ZUM-Apps



Is this version still available somewhere? Is there any customized version like this for course presentations also? Perhaps that allow for more content types (such as image hotspots, accordions, etc) to be inserted into slides.

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It's here: https://www.zum.de/portal/neuer-h5p-inhaltstyp-auf-zum-apps/

And no, at least I am not going to create dumb forks that only differ by the number of subcontents that can be added. Think of what you do to the user: You end up with two versions (or more if other people create similar forks) of a content type that essentially do the same but are incompatible with one another.

Hi i would like to ask you something

What do you mean when you are saying "fork"
do you mean a line of code?

I even tried to change the size of the images, by changing their "heght" and "width" inside the styles code
and still nothing. I save the changes, i upload, and then i have the same outcome...
Would you like to tell me, why's that??

Kindly regards


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Hi Steve!

In long: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fork_(software_development)

In short: It's a customized version with new features that has deviated from the original code base and does not strive for being compatible - so it is basically a new content type.

Regarding patching: It's not that simple. Probably caching in your case. Impossible to say without further information.