I wish more animation effects for content in "Course Presentation"

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I wish more animation effects for any content (slides/images/boxes/texts/...)

Some beautiful examples i found on this websites:  

  1. https://www.minimamente.com/project/magic
  2. https://animista.net/play/basic/shadow-inset
  3. https://www.theappguruz.com/tag-tools/web/CSSAnimations

Bennefits for more effects:

  • more fun
  • more professional 
  • more creatvity
  • more possibilities 
  • more use cases 
  • more engagement
  • more happy students 
With more options for content animations were Course Presentation perfect for all!
Content types: 
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Hi webfuture!

Hmm, just my opinion, but when I think about animation effects in presentations (beyond simple blending), I don't link that to professionalism but to distraction.


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As web designer and teachers is it better to have as many effects as possible to motivate students create unique presentations and learn with more fun.  If i think like you Oliver, were wikipedia structured learning content enough to be professional organized teacher.  Interactive content need more variations and effects, because the content should entertain everyone.  Humans learn easier, if they have fun and that is what i wish for all of us!

I am looking for a way to disabling the transitions effect al together.
Someone done that?

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You can do that by overriding the stylesheet. All you need to do is set

.h5p-course-presentation .h5p-slide.h5p-animate { transition: none  };


I agree with both of you!! childern in primary and junior will be more engaged with the animations where it might be a distraction for higher level students!!.. I love the use of open source software like h5p in my classroom!!! and I believe as a community we need to pitch in resources for the developers to be able to develop and maintain all the wonderfull things h5p allows us to do... for example the minicourse content type would benefit greatly from an end of course little pdf certificate to be printed and the student can show it off after they are done!!! ;-)

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Hi all!

For me it was not a question about right or wrong, but I uttered my opinion as a community member.