Dialog card : "Hidden" repetitive mode


I found this topic : https://h5p.org/node/958299

When I tested the activity, I discovered that it had a flash card mode, but it didn't looked like the flash card activity of h5p.

The only other activity that looked like the flash card thing was the dialog card, but demo of the activity just showed a basic things, without the part where it ask you if you had right or wrong and ask you multiple time untill you master it. Luckily, the source of the h5p activity was provided in the post, and I was able to see that it was indeed the dialog card, but with the repetitive mode instead of the normal mode.

This repetitive mode is never displayed in the example on the h5p website, and nothing about it is explained in the tutorial in h5p. There should at least be an example on this mode on the h5p website.

Also, this mode is a lots closer to "flash card" that the flash card activity in my opinion.

Dialog card : "Hidden" repetitive mode
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