Advent Calendar!!

Congratulations Oliver on creating another awesome h5p content type!! I was creating some lesson ideas for my class and thought of creating a choice board!! the best h5p content option we have for that is this advent calendar! Not sure if it will work though..

So idealy a choice board functions very similar to Advent Calendar but with lessor options 9 to 16 doors.. another questions could the title be used for the door name in the edit display mode! just a really coold content!!

Thanks again for sharing...


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Thanks. I bet there are tons of clever way to use the concept of Advent Calendar, but that should probably rather be a new content type allowing to set the number of "doors", etc.


That is awesome, to hear!! looking forward to it..

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Oh, I didn't want to suggest I was working on that :-D I just think it's smarter to create a new more general content type for that instead of trying to bend Advent Calendar.

I hope that others like Yasin Dahi will join developing content types (like his Card Block, or others like Jithin Thankachan, Sebastian Rettig or Fabian Dennler return.

I may do something like that, but my list of things that I want to do is sooo long and people who provide funding want other things done - so I will have to find free time to do it.



I completely agree with you!! on the new content type!! and today I did see the new content type by Yasin!! very creative .. I must say that h5p has gained some big grounds on the content types avaiable now... special thanks to all the contributors and testers and developers!!

Thanks for sharing!!!


Is it possible to have a calendar for lent ?

It starts the 17th Feb to  3rd Apr .

Would really be nice


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Hi Tony!

My previous answer still holds. There are probably many similar use cases, but instead of cramming more and more edge cases into the advent calendar rendering the editor UX horrible, it makes more sense to create a more general content type that's not limited to a fixed number of doors or dates.

Please note that I created that content time in my free time - and that's a quite limiting factor. If someone wants to reuse of the code to create something similar, there's nothing that stands in her/his way legally.