Quizzes not storing attempts

Hi all,

Hoping someone out there can help us. We use a lot of Quizzes in our Moodle site and have been having increasing trouble with them not storing learners attempts. Learners contact us and say that the site told them they had passed the quiz but when they look at the grade book it still stays it is incomplete.

There seems to be some correlation to workplace as we notice it sometimes affects several people from the same workplace though it does not always affect all. I am wondering if it is an issue with workplace internet security stopping it from registering their completion properly against the server?

This is happening intermittently across almost all of our courses and no matter what I do I can't replicate the issue with our test accounts. There are always at least some learners in the course that are able to successfully complete the quiz so it is not an overall issue.

The learners whos results are registered successfully have the following in their activity log. The learner's whos attempts are not stored do not have this.

Content types: 
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Hi Mikaela,

Are there any specific content types that this issue is happening. Please note that content types have "triggers" to when scores are generated and it may be possible that these triggers are not met. Below is the list of triggers per content type:

  • Branching Scenario - Make sure that scoring is configured please check the built in walkthrough for details
  • Column - Triggers are met for all activities that are included
  • Course Presentation - A graded activity is included and the student needs to reach the summary slide for scores to be recorded
  • Dictation - Check button is clicked
  • Drag and Drop - Check button is clicked
  • Drag the Words - Check button is clicked
  • Essay - Check button is clicked
  • Fill in the Blanks - Check button is clicked
  • Flashcards - Check button is clicked
  • Image Sequencing - Check button is clicked
  • Interactive Book - Submit button in the “Submit & Summary” screen is clicked
  • Interactive Video - A graded activity is included and the student needs click submit in the submit screen
  • Mark the Words - Check button is clicked
  • Multiple Choice - Check button is clicked
  • Quiz (Question Set) - Check button is clicked for all questions and reaching the summary screen
  • Single Choice Set - Check button is clicked
  • Summary - All statements are answered correctly



This is affecting the H5P activity Quiz (Question Set). Our learners are clicking check button for all questions and reaching the summary screen where they are told that they have got 10/10 and have passed. They are sending us screenshots of this page showing them this.

From what we can tell from the logs, the issue is that some learners do not have xAPI statement received in their logs (these are the people whose attempt is not logged). We think this may be due to their workplaces internet security?


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Hi Mikaela,

I would agree that it is possible that it has to do with the security settings however I'm not really sure what to change.


I have got some helpdesk tickets from our system reporting similar issues. Have you identified an issue? On some courses some students are able to return and store results and some students are not able to store results even all works as plannes. They do the test, click the check button but results are not saved. Any clarification for student platform requirements would be appreciated.


BR, Riiko Salonen