Giant Virtual Tour (360) - Load the images only after the scene has been selected and outsource them

Hi everybody!

I would like to ask for a new feature in Virtual Tour (360). Please lets's discuss how useful it might be and what might be important to consider when implementing it.

I am a huge H5P fan and already use a lot of interactive content from H5P, including the Virtual tour (360). If you use large 360 tours to display complex buildings (>60 images), you need a lot of memory. With many LMS, you then reach the limits of the maximum storage space. 

  1. Would it be possible here to save the images on another server, whereby only the URL of the respective image is then specified in the H5P project? Then you could make the virtual tour as big as you like, you only need a server where the images can be stored.

  2. With large virtual tours (>60 images), you have the problem that the complete tour is downloaded first and you cannot start until the starting scene has been loaded. Would it be possible here to optionally set that the scene is only downloaded as soon as it has been selected? Or that all scenes are downloaded that are linked to the current scene? This would significantly reduce loading times and allow you to create tours of any size with many images without having long loading times.

The Virtuel tour (360) is a tool with an infinite number of applications. Adding this feature would benefit a very large number of H5P useres, as it can therefore be used without limitations.




Giant Virtual Tour (360) - Load the images only after the scene has been selected and outsource them
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Hi Joe85,

Thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! With the H5P supporter program the H5P community can now vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then work on a feature they find interesting or useful. You can also help by developing or help (crowd) fund the development of this feature.