File « content/ » not allowed



Am trying to follow the tutorial to create a content type. However, I get the error message "File « content/ » not allowed" when I try to import my h5p file which is strange because content is a folder, not a file.

So I downloaded the h5p file from the demo and was able to import it. However, I decompressed the h5p demo, recompressed it and now get the "File content/ not allowed" without having changed any file.

Here both the demo and the file I get when compressing myself.

Any idea what is the issue ? Thanks !

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Hi Degrange!

If you are making your life harder by manually zipping files (instead of using the H5P CLI tool), make sure to use the required flags: -D (do not add directory entries) and -X (eXclude eXtra file attributes), e.g. as zip -rDX myNewFile.h5p *




I will try the H5P CLI Tool which indeed seems easier !