H5P content type documentation feedback



I almost finished creating my first content type, I just have to do some cleanup, publish the code on github and post here.

However, I got some trouble understanding everything with only the tutorial. I had to do a lots of trial and error and to check a lots of source code of content type (and they does not all do the same things the same way so sometime it's confusing).

So here a feedback on the tutorial to improve it :

  • Greeting card tutorial :
    • At the end of the tutorial greeting card, there should be a message saying that we created a library, and not an activity that can directly be uploaded to be displayed. I was confused at first about why h5p would reject my file for not having a content folder. I know it's already mentionned in the page but if you are not used to developping h5p content you miss this information.
  • The hello world - manually create package
    • should mention the file must be zipped with special parameter and not with classic software like 7zip (https://h5p.org/node/1121024) (or update h5p to be able to read file zipped with 7zip)
    • should get a link to the H5P CLI at the bottom as a tips
  • creating-editor-widgets
    • the C parameters should be explained
    • should add information on how to display error on the validate function
    • add information on how to do if our widget have two field ?
    • add information on how to access other fields
  • A tutorial with how to handle score would be nice as information as hard to get without looking at other content type source code and multiple page on the documentation. It should include an exemple of displaying the progress bar
  • There are two page on xapi (H5P and xAPI / Working with xAPI statements) maybe they should link to each other as they have both usefull information. Maybe give more exemple / more details on verb, etc.
  • Translation : need an exemple on how to use translation inside content type (not editor). Maybe also restructure the page its a little confusing.
  • Add somewhere information on how to add an icon to content type
  • best pratice contains a eslint file configuration while coding-guidelines doesn't. However this eslint configuration seems outdated as it does not run and require some modification (I never used eslint before, but it seems for exemple that the babel package changed it's name)


Hope that help. I hope I didn't forgot anything, I writed this feedback just now instead of writing it progressively.





Also it's annoying not being able to do search only in the developper forum :)

Also thanks to all people who helped me, either by answering my question, answering question of other people that i was able to found with a search, by creating content type that I read sourcecode, and of course thanks of the h5p team for the tutorial and h5p itself !

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Hi Degrange,

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. I will pass this along to the H5P core team.


It might also be a good idea to put a link to this : https://github.com/h5p/h5p-boilerplate/tree/question-type