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I am using the question set to create a series of quiz questions.  But not all quiz questions are of the same type.  I would like an option in the list that allows me to add an ungraded "Question" type called something like "Instructions" or "Description" so that I could provide different instructions for different sections but not have to assign a score to the item.

For example:



     Exercise One

      Di dove sono i ragazzi? scegli l'aggetivo di nazionilità corretta.

      Choose the correct nationality for each student.


Multiple Choice Question 1

Multiple Choice Question 2

Multiple Choice Question 3

Multiple Choice Question 4

Multiple Choice Question 5


     Exercise Two

      Completa con le forme appropriate dei verbi: chiamarsi, essere, stare.

      Conjugate the missing verbs: chiamarsi, essere, stare


Fill in the blanks question with many blanks.


     Exercise Three

      Leggi le frasi e crea un dialogo.

      Make a comprehensible dialogue using the sentences provided.  


Reorder sentences using drag and drop


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This is mostly a problem with multiple choice questions...because they are a group of questions all with the same instructions.  But it would be nice to be able to make evident the breaks between sections...perhaps by a more fully functional WYSIWYG editor.  The difference between:


Anna e Giacomo sono turisti in un bar.  Completa il dialogo scegliendo le frasi appropriate.

Giacomo and Anna are tourists in a café. Complete their dialogue by choosing from the correct statements below.


Screenshot of instructions shown above


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Hi grackle,

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