H5P.CodeHighlighter content type



Here's my second content-type : Code Highlighter.

It allow to display highlighted code.


It is bundled with two other library that I created :

- H5PEditor.CodeEditor : it's the widget use to display the code editor in the authoring view of H5P.CodeHighlighter

- CodeMirror : it's the library [CodeMirror](https://codemirror.net/) with some additionnals functions

Requesting addition to h5p if it fit h5p criteria.

Github :




Ps : I plan (but I don't promise anything) to create an other content type that allow to create interactive Python exercice (the student have to write some python code and it is automatically corrected).


H5P file: 
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Hi Degrange,

Thank you for creating and sharing your content!


I moved some options in an advanced section. It is better I think.

(i also fixed a critical bug in the H5P.CodeEditor widget but didn't increase the version number as I wanted the 1.0.0 to be functionnal)

I updated the attached libraries.h5p file.