Modifications to behaviour settings in Columns object type

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I have been expermenting with Columns as a solution for creating quizzes in H5P.  This video shows a "Column" activity I created using a series of nested Question Sets.  Please take a look and let me know if you see any tweaks that would improve my workflow...and/or any modifications to behaviour settings that would produce the results I'm looking for.

Click here for video.

I know Quiz (Question Set) provides something similar to this, but I find Column to be a more versatile and scaleable to larger quizzes.

Specific Feature Requests:

  • add "Submit" button to the bottom of a Column that will send the results to an LMS...but add option to hide scores in summary slide.  They will be able to check their results by looking in the gradebook on the LMS.
  • allow students to submit without finishing ALL questions if they want
  • make spaces for instructions consistent at the top of all Quiz (Question Sets) within Columns...or allow users to leave instructions/title blank...or hide the title (affected aquestions are FIB, Drag and Drop (Text), and Mark the Words)
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