Essays (picture, hyperlink, space) + Dialog cards (picture) + Fill in the blank (feedback)


It would be great if I could add hyperlinks to some solutions. Eg, I would use it in Essay as I give a suggested solution. I would also like to be able to do it in Dialog cards. I managed to add a link in Essay with CTRL+K but it didn't save once published.


When adding a picture with Essay, it is aligned to the left which makes it look odd. It is possible to center it please. (Dialog cards centers it)


In dialogue cards, is it possible to allow us to NOT have a picture on both side, please?


In Essays, could you allow us to select the size on the space to type in. Students are confused by seeing 15 lines when the answer would only need one or two max.


Could you not force us to add inscructions in Fill in the blank, please? In my case, I need it outside of the activity


Could you create a mix of Fill in the blanks and Essays where I can use keyworks to accept answers across all the open blanks. Eg, Name three countries from Europe.  [_______] [_______] [_______] and I would like as keyword alternatives all the countries

My current problem with Fill in the blanks is that I have to repeat the answer for each blank. This makes it very heavy when looking at an answer.

Basically, I need a visual similar to Fill in the blanks, but when students select 'Show the answer', they would see it under the text as in the Essay.


Also, could I suggest some tag search for this forum (or subfolders per activity)? I read a bit to see if my questions were already answered but I couldnt find anything.

I'm not sure if these should be separated. I feel the are already so many topics it must be hard to keep track.

Good luck and tahnks for your great work!

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Hi Neo College!

Mixing all kinds of suggestions for different content types in one post is a little unfortunate. That makes it hard to discuss featrures. As the author of Essay (not a member of the H5P core team), I'll pick the relevant items.

1) You can use links in Essay's sample solution, and I couldn't reproduce any problem with that. If you think there's a bug, you should follow the bug report guidelines listed at the top of in order to provide details that may help to reproduce the problem.

2) Essay is using the functions of the H5P.Question library that other content types use as well for the introduction - e.g. Fill in the Blanks. This is something that would need to be addressed for H5P.Question (by the H5P core team).

4) There already is an "Input field size" option in the behavioral settings.


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3) There's a pull request for that feature at - but the H5P core team will have to review it when they find the time to do so.