Branching Scenario Within Interactive Book (+ Other Musings)

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Absolutely love H5P - a genuinely amazing project, the tool is super fun to use and has so many applications!

I assume this is on the backlog already, but I'm also bringing up in case I've missed a way to do this...

In the drop-down options of different content you can include within the interactive workbook (and I suppose also the course presentation & anywhere else lacking), it'd be really useful to be able to include a branching scenario. Is there a way I can do this in the meantime that I may have missed?

On a similar point, it'd be REALLY useful if I could use the text section and simply include shortcodes for H5P content in the book!

Branching Scenario Within Interactive Book
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Hi dancj5,

 Adding the another content type would be possible by adding some lines of code. If you want take a crack at it there are documentations available for developers.