Does self hosted free version come with all features ?


I have my own server. I want to develop some interactive videos developed using H5P and put them on my WordPress website. 

This link talks about an option to use Free, Self-hosted option, which is what I want.  Now I want to know in this case of the free self-hosting option, is there any feature limitation? Or will I get full features (minus support, which I do not need for the time being)?

Please clarify. 

Thanks and regards, 

Abdul Basit 

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Hi Abdul,

Below are some features that are only available in

  1. LTI integration providing single sign-on and grade book pass-back.
  2. 4/5 priority support from the H5P Core Team.
  3. High-end infrastructure ensuring very high availability & great performance (automatic scaling & fail-overs on almost every component, upgrades with no downtime, automate duptime monitoring on all components that calls us up automatically if anything goes down, CDN etc.).
  4. A dedicated team of H5P experts operating the systems.
  5. 99.9% SLA.
  6. Backups, upgrades, etc. handled by the H5P Core Team.
  7. Detailed drill-down reports providing assessment questions, answers, time completed, and more!
  8. Custom content management.
  9. Detailed configuration of what content types should be available for your organization.
  10. CSS styling via the admin interface.
  11. Exclusive content types (Live engagement tools)