Subtitles missing in image hotspots


We have encountered a bug when putting in subtitles for video displayed in image hotspots. The video file link is from vimeo, and the text is uploaded as webVTT. The three dots where you can choose subtitle will not appear. In other similar image hotspots, it works, but disapears when changing between subtitles. Have tested with multiple browsers, and still the same outcome.

Have attached 2 pictures showing the missing dots where you choose subtitles and a picture showing how the subtitle is placed as webvvt file.



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Hi Vegard,

Vimeo has made some changes which causes the subtitles to not work, you can read more about this here.


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Hi BV. I am working on the technical side with Vegard on content used in Canvas. We have some functionality that uses this endpoint in Vimeo:

In your link ( above you write:

Vimeo Pro is changing their APIs. At the time of writing (June 2021) subtitles/captioning has stopped working on some sites because of changes made by Vimeo. Vimeo also is considering to drop the public video endpoint alltogether making it impossible to use it as described below.

Do you have some more details on this, i.e. a page on Vimeo describing this? I assume the changes will break our functionality too...


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Hi Erlend,

I do not have the page but Vimeo no longer explicitly allow crossdomain usage of their videos.