Developing a Workbook

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Hi folks,

I'm working on a project to bring a "taditional" course with a workbook online to a custom Moodle LMS.  The approximate format of the course is: Watch a video, have a discussion, write down reflections in a workbook.  We want to host the video on our Moodle course, provide a discussion forum, and then provide some sort of virtual workbook.

I was thinking that H5P would be a good option for the workbook.  What I'm trying to figure out is if it has any options for collecting student reflection writings and then exporting them all to a single PDF "printed" workbook.  To make things more interesting (and why H5P might be helpful) some of the activities in the paper workbook are things like "circle items on this list" that could be made interactive.

So far I've been playing with the Documentation Tool and the Interactive Book content types as my main methods of interaction.  By adding Documentation Tools on Pages in the Interactive Book I can provide a good place for students to answer 3-5 reflection questions.  What I have not figured out yet is how to create a PDF of the "Workbook" when it's all done.

Is there a way to do this with the Interactive Book content type?  We want to have all the written materials and prompts to be part of the Book and then the student answers to be included when the PDF is created, so it essentially becomes a custom artifact of learning.  Any help getting pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!  I'd also be interseted in hearing who might be able to build such a thing, if necessary.