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It's not so much a bug but something that was forgotten to be added to the customization options.

The documentation tool allows to customize the naming of the "Goals", which is great, because one may use the tool for something else (as I am). 

1) On the goals assessment page, heading of the table can not be changed and whatever you rebrand your category, it always says "goals" on the top left.

2) The customization allows for other languages, but at least the phrase "Possible ratings:" on the assessment page seems be left out from language customization (while others part, e.g. on the export page) are adapted to language settings. 

3) For the matter of customization, it would make sense to rename the sections, too:

goals page == input page

goals assessment page == assessment page


I use H5P in a Moodle context. If the things I named are a matter of plugin integration OR the solving of these issues are a matter of plugin integration update for which I have to contact my moodle admins, let me know.

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Hi lindow,

You are correct this is not a bug but it is a missing feature. Having said this I have moved you post to the feature request forum.