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Currently, all H5P activities have a maximum grade of 10 points by default. We looked through the settings to change that but to no avail.

We asked our Moodle provider to change it to 100 and they said it involves fiddling around with the Moodle core (which is something we want to avoid). They said the more correct approach would be to do it from within the H5P Moodle plugin.

Is this issue known? Is it on the roadmap?



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Thanks Oliver.

How can we make it a feature request so we'll be able to change that value in the settings?

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You did the right thing, you posted here. I don't know what process that triggers at the H5P core team, but BV should be able to tell you.


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Hi All,

Feature requests are given priority depending on these factors:

  • Number of users requesting the feature
  • Alignment to the Roadmap
  • Complexity and making sure that new features don't break existing features or contents
  • Funding
  • Availability of developers

This is in no way a set of rules but rather a rough guide. I guess the most important factor would be availability.


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I don't understand your problem. You write "Currently, all H5P activities have a maximum grade of 10 points by default."

No, the default maximum grade is 100. And you can set it to a different value for each individual H5P content that you include in a Moodle course. See attached screenshot.

PS.- Since you are using H5P on Moodle I suggest that you re-post your question to the relevant Moodle H5P forum here:

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Papi Jo, you realize that not everyone is using the moodle core integration, do you? Please have a look what I am linking to in my post.

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You're right. I realized that just after posting my reply to Uriya!

I can only encourage Moodle users to use the Moodle core H5P activity (the blue icon, activities created in the Content Bank) rather than the H5P external plugin.

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I can only suggest to check the differences of both approaches first, evaluate the pros and cons of both including future options and then make a decision.

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Quite right, Oliver! There is a long discussion about the relative merits of the H5P plugin and the H5P core on the Moodle H5P forum here:

Thank you both for this helpful discussion!

We have been using the hvp Moodle plugin for almost 5 years now (the green icon, created in a course context). We recenlty upgraded our Moodle to v3.9 and learned about the core intergration, the blue icon and the content bank. It seemed nice but as most of our content is created in a course context and is rarely duplicated between course sites, there was no incentive to switch to the blue icon.

However, I wasn't aware that the core integration could track attempts, that's super useful. What else can it do?

If we decide to migrate, the hurdle for us is that we have tens of thousands of "green" H5P activities spread across hundreds of courses that are duplicated every year - which makes it very hard to replace.

Thanks again.


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Hi Uriya!

You can track results with the H5P plugin, too. They'll all be in the gradebook history. The core integration has quite some more options though. There's a converter plugin if you want to migrate, so that's quite simple. Currently, the moodle core integration doesn't feature the H5P OER Hub however, and in the future that route may lead to some other obstacles, too (see