Embedded Video Full Screen Mode not working on iPhone


I faced a weird issue today. I added an interactive video into a course presentation slide. The H5P element is inserted in a Moodle and when I call the website on my iPhone (8, but same on 4 and 12pro) I have no problems to click the full screen mode button under the course presentation element and make the video bigger.

When copying the embedded link of this element and inserting it into an external website, I am not able to click the full screen mode button to make the video bigger. It doesn't work. It works on my laptop (Windows), it works on Mac, it works with Android Smartphone but it doesn't work on my iPhone.

Any idea how I could solve this issue?

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Hi asfga,

It would help if you can provide a link to the content.


Any updates? :)

I think this could be a general issue but I was wondering why it seems that I am the only person who has this issue. I embedded the interactive video demo video (https://h5p.org/sites/default/files/h5p/iv.mp4) into Moodle and into a test website via iFrame and on my test website it's not possible to go in the fullscreen mode with iPhone.

It would be nice to have a h5p related person to check this issue.