Image Hotspots in an interactive book on moodle do not show in fullscreen

Hello h5p community

I created an interactive book with h5p on moodle. If I add an image hotspot to a slide it will not show the content in fullscreen. When I exit fullscreen it shows me the content and when I then go to fullscreen it shows me the content as well. The content does not show if I want to go through the whole interactive book course in fullscreen. This issue occurs only with image hotspots. It is as if the image hotspots won't load the first time I open the interactive book in fullscreen.


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Hi DaniDubi,

I think this is related to this bug report.


I can confirm that, we're seeing it too - Essentially if you're already in full screen mode when the hotspot is loaded it's not visible, but if you are in windowed mode and *then* go fullscreen it works.

I've confirmed we've seen this too. If the activity is loaded while already in fullscreen it doesn't display, viewing it in a normal frame, either when loading or switching to and from a normal view, will resolve the issue in fullscreen.

I can see that's outstanding since 2020, any chance it will be looked at soon?