Markdown support (again)

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Hello H5P community and team,

I recently created an interactive book with H5P that was a bit more extensive. I had created all the content in advance in other programs, so all the data was available as a Markdown file. It would be great if I could have copied all the Markdown text directly into H5P – that would make my work (and probably the work of many others) much faster and more efficient.

At a time when more and more OERs are being created whose source data is supposed to be interoperable, Markdown represents in my eyes an indispensable building block to store content in an editable and transportable way. I would very much like to see H5P's text editor upgraded to support Markdown input.

Is such a feature planned? 

I found three more posts here in the forum that explicitly ask for Markdown, but all three are a bit outdated, so here they are:


Feature Request: Support Markdown input in text editors of all content types (or at least for "Interactive Book")
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