Interactive Video Linked Page as Pop UP and Extra Content Interactions


I have 5 requests or ideas for further development:

1. In the interactive video, when using the Link Page feature, it navigates the user away from the video entirely. This could work for some scenarios but it would be really helpful to also have a popup of the linked page option so that after the user completes reviewing the info on the pop up linked page-the navigation of the video could continue seamlessly within the Interactive Video experience. It would be even more ideal if that pop-up page had a short code widget so any type of content could be popped in. Is this possible to add? Or is there a way I could customize adding it to mine?

2. Is it possible to add just a pop up with a short code widget? Also again, if you aren't planning on adding it, is there anyway for me to add it?

3. Is it possible to add addition content types such as Speak the Words or Speak the Words Set?

4. For translations- the amount of translations on an activity by activity basis is wonderful! But it seems only one language has to be chosen- is there a way to add a feature so when a user is using an activity that they can select their preferred language? This way- there isn't one translation but many translation possibilities for a wide range of speakers of other languages.

5. To the above point, I'm trying to add translation to my site- and I'd like a wide range- is there a way to add this for h5p content that doesn't include manually selecting one language for translation but allows for a multilanguage translation of the same activity that the user can select that is not part of h5p that works for all page contents- even h5p simulaneously?

Thanks so much! so much!

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