Allow more granular Paste & Replace in Course Presentation

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At the moment it is not possible to copy/paste a content type into Course Presentation.  The only way to do it is to rebuild. 

For instance, suppose I created a standalone Drag & Drop activity and I now want to add it into my Course Presentation.  If I choose, Paste & Replace, it will replace the entire Course Presentation:

However, in Column/Interactive Book there is a nested Paste & Replace option (in green) that permits it:


Content types: 
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Hi grackle,

Actually there is a paste button in Course Presentation, it is the last icon in the list of contents. Interactive Video also have the same icon location.


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That is something that should be more widely know.

PS I just tried to add an emoji to my post but the submission failed.  

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Regarding the emoji: The database here doesn't handle unicode it seems :-/