Add scrollbar to Interactive Book when it's not on fullscreen


I've been playing around with Interactive Book and I love this resource! Although I noticed that it has its own scrollbar when you switch it to full screen, however in the non-fullscreen view, the scrollbar disappears and it forces me to use the webpage scrollbar instead.

A good example is the pre-made interactive book you have in your Examples webpage:

So in full screen, you can scroll down the content within the interactive book which is pretty neat and you also don't lose sight of the left pane navigation:


In non-fullscreen, you scroll down the interactive book content using the scrollbar of the webpage which can be quite tricky sometimes because you'd have to scroll down the webpage to see the rest of the content. You'd also lose sight of the left pane navigation in this case.


Is it possible to include a scrollbar within the interactive book in the non-fullscreen view?


Josh T

Add scrollbar to Interactive Book when it's not on fullscreen
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Unfortunately, since H5P content is displayed in an iframe (and may not be served from the same URL), this is not possible, because the iframe defines the height of the Book. That height is not limited.Only when H5P knows that the full screen is supposed to be used - and not more - it can determine a fixed height (the height of the screen) and know where things should be stuck to.