Problems with two H5P in same page in moodle 3.11

In the past I never had this problem, now, looking in an old course, in the pages where are 2 or more H5P, only first is displayed, the others show only the link.

How can I solve this?

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Hello krisart,

Don't you think that's a bit little information to be able to analyse the problem? How about making the relevant course temporarily available to guests so that they can take a closer look at this problem? Maybe you could also try to test your H5P files in a test environment to see if it's H5P or moodle?



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Hello krisart,

I agree with villon, there is not much to work with here. You might want to check this page and provide the information requested.



Sorry I'll try to explain the problem better.

In moodle I ha ve a page with some text and 2 H5P.

The first one is an hotspot image, and works fine.

The second one is a timeline, and doesn't work. I've tried a multiple choice quiz and it doesn't work, too, it shows only the link to h5p file.

If I move the same timeline to another page without any other H5P it works without any problem.

 <div class="h5p-placeholder" contenteditable="false">

<div class="h5p-placeholder" contenteditable="false">

I don't know what can be useful to be helped, thanks a lot for your support.



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That's some issue with your particular H5P integration or plugin that turns

<div class="h5p-placeholder" contenteditable="false">URL to H5P file</div>

into the code required to display content. That's not something that's a regular H5P feature. Presumably, that H5P integration or extra plugin only renders the first occurence of that `div` container.


I have not changed anything or installed particular plugins. 

I've only tried to install also the plugin because some courses were realized in old moodle version, so I tried to install H5P plugin to check if the problem was there. Nothing changed.

What's the right code syntax?


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I don't know what extra syntax moodle's custom H5P integration into moodle might offer. If what you're using is from moodle's custom H5P integration, then there may be a bug in their implementation and you should inform them either on their forums or on their bug tracker.

The H5P plugin does not have any special syntax. You can either add H5P content to a moodle course as an activity, or you can use the embed code that's presented when you click on the embed button underneath H5P content. The latter option will not allow to track results, however.


Thank you for your support.

I created a temporary test page that should be accessible.

The same problem with a drag the words module and a Timeline here.


I discovered something strange, now resigned I created a separate activity for the H5P that did not display, if I create a separate activity it is also displayed fine on the other page, even if second or third.

I state that the url are correct for both and that from the content repository all are functional.

What Am I missing... I'm getting crazy...

Thank you for your support