Proposal for the extension of quiz (question set) for repetition

If a question is not solved correctly, it should automatically be offered again at the end of the run. Only when all questions have been answered correctly, the quiz can be closed.

Dialog Cards offers something similar. However, it is up to the learner to judge whether an answer is correct or incorrect. I also find the algorithm quite complex. I would prefer a simpler implementation.

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Hi iLern!

I have something that you're asking on my private list of things that I want to do for H5P, but I can't tell when I might come around to it. I am more than busy.

What do you thing is too complex about the algorithm that DialogCards is using (spaced repetition)? What's your suggestion?


Thank you for the quick reply. That would be great if you could tackle something like that from your private list.

I have read Peter Baumgartner's article on Dialog Cards .

Since for the most part we don't have students working with personal accounts, they can't work on an H5P assignment over several days. 

Therefore I have a function in mind, where wrongly solved tasks are presented again in the next round.

Example with task A,B, C, D, E
✔ = solved correctly
✘= solved incorrectly

1st round: A✘ B✔ C✘ D✘ E✔
2nd round: A✔ C✘ D✘
3rd round: C✔ D✘
4th round: D✔

Best regards

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Hi Mario!

Well, the actual use of spaced repetition is the "spaced" aspect that is supposed to be way more effective that just repeating wrong items in one go. But sure, such a mode would be easily possible although, frankly speaking, it rather feels like an excuse or pseudo solution.