embed external content into the Interactive Book

Hello! It would be great if we could embed external content into the Interactive Book. One simple way to do that would be allowing the use of the already existing Iframe Embedder inside the book.

Content types: 
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Hi Jacarta!

What stops you from doing so? IFrame Embed is a valid content type in Column, so given that Column is used for rendering Interactive Book's chapters, IFrame Embed works in Interactive Book.


Hi, Oliver!

I can't access IFrame Embed through the Interactive Book content menu, as you can see below:

If you know a way to make it work, I would be pleased to hear.


Best regards

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There's nothing to see, but my question would be: Have you installed the IFrame Embedder at all?



I didn't knew there was a way to install more options... I thought every feature compatible with the Interactive Book would be available by default at H5P.com (H5P as a service). I guess I have a lot to learn... Is there a good tutorial you could reccomend?



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Hi All,

Just to chime in, Iframe embedder is not available in H5P.com. You can reference this documentation for more details.

@Jacarta a tip when posting on the forums mention that you are using H5P.com since there are some differences between it and the plugins.