Course presentation: Can't insert Interactive video

Hello, I can't insert an interactive video in a Course presentation:

    Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen)

Create a Course presentation (or use the one attached). Add a second slide. Try to add an Interactive video. It will freeze on loading... (see attachment)

Console shows an error message (see attachment)

    Platform and version number. E.g. Drupal, Wordpress, Moodle. Wordpress 6.0.2

    Mobile or Desktop: desktop
    Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc: Chrome and Firefox
    H5P plugin version 1.15.4
    H5P content type and version (if a content type was used), and a sample URL or attached H5P. see attachment
    Any browser console errors see attachment
    Any PHP errors . no
    Screenshots if it's a visual problem
    Any recent changes to the environment (new plugins/modules, updates, configuration changes etc.). no, trying the content type for the first time
    Any recent changes to the browser you're using (new extensions, updates etc.)

Content types: 
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Hi Atti!

What's the language you're running H5P in? It might be a problem with one of the translation files (or could be caused by customizing semantics.json).



Italian. I both set WordPress language and h5p's "translation and override" to Italian. I haven't customized any json. Is there any workaround I could do to make things go?

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Then it seems to in fact be a problem with translations. I cannot see any issue on the official code though, so you might want to check local customizations with WordPress hooks or to update to the latest version of Interactive Video (1.24.2).


I found that if I switch the "Text overrides and translations" to English it no longer freezes. So I may try to create my content in english, and when it's ready switch to italian.

Hi, I had the same problem in Moodle (in Hebrew). The solution I found is to add a condition to the translatio check in editor/h5peditor.js in ns.updateCommonFieldsDefault function - 

I changed this -

if (semantics[i].field !== undefined && translation[i].field !== undefined)

to - 

if (semantics[i].field !== undefined && translation[i] !== undefined && translation[i].field !== undefined )

i'm having the same problem:

1. Reproduce Steps:

    1. Create a course presentation content type
    2. Add an interactive Video to a slide
    3. After clicking on add interactive video the message "loading, please wait" or at German "wird geladen. Bitte warten ..." is shown, and nothing is loaded after that (freez).
    4. An error in the browser console error is thrown: translation[i] is undefined.

2. Modole: 3.9.17+ (Build: 20220922)
3. Desktop
4. Firefox
5. H5P Plugin version: Interactive Video (1.22.14 & 1.24.2) both versions are isntalled
6. Interactive Video Editor (1.22.7 & 1.24.1) both versions are installed
7. Browser console error: translation[i] is undefined (see screenshot)
8. None
10. Recent changes to moodle: update from  3.9.13+ to  3.9.17+. But tested on a seperate moodle plattform with the version 3.9.17+ and everthing worked just fine!
11. No changes to browser ...

PS: the problem doesn't occur when using the interactive video content on it's own!


The problem also occurs in following H5P installations:

Also it does not run on own drupal sites.

kind regards

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It's a bug in the translation files that has been reported a couple of times already.

has it been reported on github ? or should i report it ?

If you could give me a tip, why the problem does occur and where should i look (in code) to solve it ...

best regards

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To be honest, it's a little sad to say that the problem was fixed four weeks ago (version 1.24.4), but still serves the old buggy version (1.24.2). @BV When will the updates eventually be released? Any clue?

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Hi All,

I've reached out to the development team and will follow up in the community's behalf so that the fix will be released sooner rather than later.


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Thanks a lot, BV!

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hebrew I have there in the language settings now unfortunately not found, Italian for sure but perhaps that would be an interim solution until the bug is served by .

Greetings villon

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Hi All,

The fix has been released, please update your libraries to install the fix. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.



The update fixed the issue in Interactive Video (1.24.4) itself, but I am still facing this issue in Moodle (H5P Contentbank - core) with CoursePresentation 1.24.1 and Column 1.15.2 . if I switch to English the problem resolves itself, so the issue seems to be simalar. 

Should there be a new realease of those 2 contenttypes as well? 

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Hi gemguardian,

You would have to reach out to Moodle core to ask them to update the version. Please note that the Moodle core was not created by the H5P developers. 


Thanks to Oliver's suggestion I found out that clearing the cache did the trick. 

I am using Moodle Core H5P integration, and even though I have 1.24.4 of Interactieve Video running, i still face this issue in CoursePresentation (1.24.1) and Column (1.15.2). 

Am I missing an update?