Audio files: add comments to specific points in the track

Hi all

Me and my colleague language teachers dream of an application that would make it possible to add a note/comment to a specific point of an audio track (a pupil's recording, for instance). The closest I've gotten is SoundCloud, but with that app I cannot show the comments to my pupils (unless I give them access to the account, which is a hassle).

Is there any genius who could make this a feature in H5P? Maybe as part of the audio record app?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Duradel,

This is a nice suggestion thank you.


Estoy tratando de insertar un audio en una actividad de presentacion del curso.

El audio esta en SoundCloud, pero con el código de insertar no me reconoce el audio. Que debo hacer?



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Hi Margarita,

Most of the time video or audio hosting sites provides the URL of the player instead of the source URL. H5P cannot use the player URL it needs access to the file itself. To have this you can ask the hosting company on how to retireve the source URL.