Interactive book attempts not showing (0 submitted)

I created an interactive book for my students on Moodle. The students did the activities on it and can view their summary. On my end, I cannot see any attempts made. It is still displaying 0 submitted. What did I do wrong?

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Hello Ayumi,

it would help if you tell us, which version of H5P do you use in moodle. There are two different versions of plugins. One is developed by the moodle team and one is origined by H5P.

greetings villon

How do I check for the version used? 

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Hi Ayumi,

H5P plugin by the H5P core team would be a black icon. While the one created by the Moodle core team is a blue icon. If it is the latter I would suggest that you post the same question in Moodle's forum.