Adding an attribution link to the h5p frame

h5p rocks.

I work for an online college and we're rebuilding our online writing lab in WordPress and using h5p exclusively for interactive content and learning objects (will post in the show case area when we're closer to launch).

We are planning to expose the embed link on all of the h5p content we place on our site so folks can use it wherever they wish -- but we'd like to be able to add an attriubtion link to the frame. See frame of the item below as an example... 

Notice the "Brought to you by..." addition.

A related idea that probably deserves its own thread... I know there are places to note the rights of use for individual images, but what about a place to specify the license under which you are sharing the content you've created (see the Creative Commons example in the same image above). 

I was thinking that the attribution link setting would be global - for example:

Lastly, it would be nice to select an icon as well...

I'd be interesting in hearing thoughts about this. Any ideas?

Thanks, Mark

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The attribution link is a very good idea. If you have access to developers the core team would be happy to merge in a pull request/patch for it, if not it will probably end up there anyway but it will take time. Regarding copyright for the entire resource that is definitively something that is in the roadmap and we have to get it in place for the content sharing features that are coming.