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Tout d'abord je souhaite vous féliciter pour tous les outils H5P qui me rendent le travail avec mes élèves beaucoup plus ludique et intéressant.
Je suis enseignant en Lycée technique et j'utilise l'outil Flashcard régulièrement.
Concernant l'application Flashcard je trouve dommage que l'on ai pas la possibilité comme dans l'application fill in the blanks de proposer plusieurs réponses justes possibles.
Est-que vous pensez résoudre ce problème bientôt ?


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Supporter votes Members of the Supporter Network can vote for feature requests. When the supporter network has generated sufficient funding for the top voted feature request it will normally be implemented and released. More about the H5P Supporter Network
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Could you please be so kind to write in English or to at least use Google Translate or a similar service to translate your text? If you only want answers from people who speak French, that's OK, but providing your question in English is more polite. That's because otherwise those who do not speak French (many) will not only have to donate their time answering but also to get your question translated.

As for your question: Implemented a couple of days ago, but the H5P core team will need to release an upgrade before you will see it in action.



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Hola comunidad H5P

Estoy trabajando un proyecto y necesito utilizar el recurso Flashcard que no me aparece dentro de las opciones, leí en un foro que solo lo encontraba en y que podía despues pasarlo a

Cabe destacar que necesito elaborarlo para montarlo en canvas, pero hasta el momento no he podido, por que no me aparece esa opción de recurso.

la pregunta es... ¿Flashcard ya fue desabilitado?, ¿necesito algun permiso especial?, ¿Donde lo encuentro?

Adjunto imagenes de las opciones en donde no se encuentra dicho recurso.

Espero me pudieran asesorar.


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To enable a content type in please go to Manage Organization -> Settings -> Content type settings. Please note that only account administrators have access to these options, if you are not the admin please reach out to them for assistance.

Additionally as what Oliver mentioned when posting in the forums please post in English. This helps those that want to help you skip a step in the process (translating).