Paste Excel spreadsheet into fill-in-the-blank question types

I cannot find a fill-in-the-blank question type that allows users to paste an Excel spreadsheet into the question. The current fill-in-the-blank removes all the formatting of the Excel spreadsheet so it shows up on a single line. The only way to format rows of text/numbers with the current question type is using the space bar, which is difficult and looks messy/unpolished. I teach accounting and recently published an OER with PressBooks, which uses only H5P question types. My university is also approving and H5P LTI integration. Accounting relies heavily on Excel to format financial statements and other assessment questions. I really need an Excel based fill-in-the-blank question option. The regular question types simply do not work for formatted financial data. If H5P developers cannot provide this, can you recommend a developer to code this for me?

Excel fill-in-the-blank question
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