Confusion feedback - names of users who have submitted their feedback

Dear all

I have a couple of suggestions for enhancements for consideration. In our university we have many blended/online modules that include a large volume of H5P activities, some of these modules also have a large number of students. We are exploring how the process of managing confusion feedback could be improved from the instructor's point of view.

Thank you :-) 

1. The confusion feedback on an H5P activity (integrated with our university's LMS) displays the first name of the user who has submitted their feedback, if they didn't select to submit it anonymously (image 1 below). Is it possible to  include their last name too? We have users's first and last name displayed on the H5P completion reports, so I am wondeirng if it's possible to add the last name data to the confusion feedback?

2. The email alert that is sent when a user submits their confusion feedback includes the name of the activity (image 2 below). Is it possible to add the first and last name of the user as well? 

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Hi Elena,

Thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! The "confusion feedback" is an exclusive feature, having said this I sent your request to the development team so that they may consider adding these features for future updates.