Simplest way to implement timed decisions for branch navigation

Hello everyone, thank you for working on such a capable package and distributing it for free! I am developing a branching storyline for a set of safety training videos. They are quite simple trees where every video ends in two children. The client would like the decision points to have a countdown effect, much like the Netflix interactive videos such as You vs. Wild (

I would like to have the following specifications:

  • The video continues to play during the timed decision
  • Two buttons to choose to navigate to the two following branches
  • Once it times out, it automatically navigates to one of the branches (the wrong branch)

Having done some searching and not finding anything, I just wanted to check here for the simplest implementation / best practices. I know about the option to merge all of the videos of the storyline into one interactive video and navigate using bookmarks, but I would prefer not to use this method first, if possible. I have one guess so far, can you confirm if I am on the right track?

  • Create a branching scenario project and set up the tree with the interactive video content type
  • Have the countdown timer burned into the final seconds of all the videos
  • Add two interactive elements to the final seconds of the video with links to other branches. Is this possible? I'd like to keep the navigation within the iframe, not load any separate external pages
  • Set the action at the end of the interactive video to automatically navigate to the next (incorrect) branch

Would anyone be able to let me know if I'm on the right track or if there is a better way to do this? And if it is possible to use an interactive element over a playing video to navigate to another branch? Thank you very much!

Hi everyone, just wanted to push this question up a little in case anyone wants to throw in an answer. I am still looking for any thoughts. Thank you very much!

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