Interactive Video and Fractions of a second

Great tool and I amhoping that this feature already exists but I cannot figure out how to pause video or set the text tools to display/pause except on intergers of a second.

For my sports presentations I need to be able to pause the video on a specific frame (or at least close to it).  When attempting to set the "Display time" for the Text tool in an Interactive video I would like to be able to set it to something liek 0:12.5 seconds or video frame #75 or some other time format.

Interactive Video and Fractions of a second
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Thank you for reporting. Others are requesting the same and I hope to see this being added to interactive video soon, but we have no ETA for it. patches or pull requests are appreciated :)

I noticed that there's a pull request for this very issue from about a year ago:

Any chance this will be integrated into the official IV release any time soon? 

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I don't think it will be added very soon. A pull request only saves the core team 10 % of the job in this case. We would rewrite much of it, and most of the time will go into testing on weak devices with big videos to figure out how much processing power it will take to toggle elements ten times more often. There are many places where time is provided (menus, adaptivities, clickable hotspots...) that needs testing.

Cela rendrait "interactive video" bien plus puissante ! It would be much more powerful !

S'il vous plaît !!!



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First, I want to thank the team for such a great tool!

As for now, it's still not possible to set triggers at second fractions. And it's clear that testing second fractions in all time-triggered activities would take a whole lot of time, but maybe, adding the feature and releasing a beta version would be easier. The community might test it, so that developers don't have to do that. I would be happy to be one of those testers and share the insights. 

I guess, since the feature seems highly demanded, you would easily find another testing volunteers like myself.

Again, thanks a lot for your work!

Would love this feature. Using interactive videos effectively on short videos (10 seconds or so) is tough because there are so few options of where you can place questions/interactions.

We are using it to educate people, but some of the videos we use the timming is just hard to get right, we just need it to be able to do ½ a second. That would not put that much more on the proformance, but still be a huge improvment.