Prevent Multiple Choice question to answer multiple times

Hello, I'm using h5p in Moodle.

 And we simply want to select one answer in the Multiple Choice question , so students can answer only one time.

  The problem is that after the student answer he can refresh the page and get the question again, how can we avoid this  scenario?

  What is the exact setting that allows only one submission (answer) for the question (without enabling a refresh for a new submission)?



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Moin mikialliel,

Let's go through this. You want to prevent someone from reloading the page, thus preventing the question from being answered a second time. This will not be possible.
The most you can do is prevent your participant's session from continuing when the page is reloaded. This cannot be done with H5P, because you have to identify the participant with a session ID and prevent the session from continuing when the page is reloaded. How exactly you want to solve this server-technically remains difficult, but certainly not impossible.