Drag the words bugs and improvements

Promlem 1: If the answer in **  is more than one word, when it's dropped its part can be cut off. And it is the most irritating problem from all. Just single words are possible. the exercise context is extremely limited 

if you make it possible that the full inserted answer is seen there is a greater variety of exercises that can be done with this template : 

- matching

- fill in the title etc.

Solution: make visible all the answers in ** regardless of the quantity of characters


Promlem 2: It's  Impossible to have two identical words in  **   in the task, if you drag the word out of order, it will be regarded as incorrect. If there are two identical answers the task becomes impossible. If i have two answers "prepositions" students must put them just in the order I typed them in the task but it's done otherway it becomes wrong.

Solution: make it possible to insert answers regardless of the order. the correctness should be checked by the characters in the anwer.   

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Words get cut off, yes. But are you sure about spaces and the order? See https://h5p.org/node/1350289



Is that some new updates (I mean multiple identical words)?


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No, that has always been in this way. If you have some content where this doesn't seem to work, feel free to share it so one could take a look.

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I agree with Oliver that your Problem 2 does not exist in the current version of H5P Drag the Words.

As for problem 1, words getting truncated, you might be interested in my hacked 'papi Jo' version of Drag the Words, available on my test site at https://www.rezeau.org/drupal/ The description of Drag the Words 'papi Jo' at https://www.rezeau.org/drupal/node/80 lists no less than 13 new features, including the non-truncating option.