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Would it be possible to look at the option of making keyboard navigation focus on the order the hotspots are created (structured top-to-bottom in the editor), rather than the order they progress down the image?

With the current structure, for Image Hotspots to pass WCAG 2.1 Focus Order you have to make sure you order the hotspots top to bottom, so keyboard users can focus through them in a meaningful order. But, if you have an image that might require the hotspots to be clicked/selected in a different order than top to bottom, it means you can fail the requirement of focus order - they structure is no longer as meaningful for a keyboard user as it is for a mouse user.

If the focus of Hotspots is determined by the order of them in the editor, this would be a great feature as you can re-order the hotspots in this mode.

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Hi Euen!

The current implementation seems to follow a sufficient technique (Technique C27: Making the DOM order match the visual order) that will always be okay no matter what order you enter the hotspots in and where you place them. I get your point, but many authors will not be aware of accessibility concerns, so if one derived the tab order from the order in the editor, then you will have cases where accessibility is flawed.

So, if the H5P core team considers this, it should IMHO not be your solution by default, but rather a "I know what I am doing" override that one can decide to toggle in the options if one wanted to.