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Good morning,

and first of all, thank you to everyone who is involved and committed to h5p and to making teaching and learning more and more interactive and digital. Thank you very much!

I teach Arabic at the university and use h5p very intensively. In order to arrange and structure individual h5p modules in a didactically meaningful way, I mainly use the interactive book. Unfortunately, there are now many great new content types, but they are not available in the interactive book. I can use them individually, but I can hardly embed them in a didactic context.

If there is a way to make more content types available in the interactive book, that would be great. It would really improve our teaching! Because often it is only through the combination of individual exercises that a topic can be worked on in a meaningful way that really contributes to learning.

We are starting and trying to share our material across universities as well. Again, it helps us a lot if we can share exercises in one single file (like the interactive book) rather than individually. 

And of course I know that the implementation of these wishes takes time and requires a lot of effort. But if it were possible, it would really strengthen and improve digital teaching and learning!

Thanks again for your work and the initiative to further improve h5p!
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Content types: 
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1.- Which H5P contents which are currently not included in Interactive Book would you like to include?

2.- Which platform are you using your H5P activities on? (Moodle, Drupal, WordPress, etc.)

We use Moodle (3.11)

The following content-types would be very helpful:

1. dictation (insanely great for language classes!)

2. find multiple hotspots (... although I have already read that the integration is not so easy)

3. crossword (ideal to repeat vocabulary)

4. image choice *

5. flashcards *


* Especially for non-European foreign languages, the representation of the font is often not optimal. At the university, therefore, teachers of Arabic and Chinese often work with image files (on which text can be seen) and use these content-types. A workaround, so to speak.

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