Proposal for the evolution of the module "Find the Words"



I have tested the "Find the Words" module with dyslexic children. It's quite difficult for them to do, whereas in the printed version it's easier, because they can delete the useless letters in the grid to find the words more easily.

Do you think it is possible to add an option to hide a letter (for example, a right click on a letter would put it in white on a white background) which would make it easier to find?

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Concernant le module "Find the Words" je l'ai testé avec des enfants dyslexiques. C'est assez difficile pour eux à faire alors qu'en version imprimée c'est plus simple, car ils peuvent supprimer les lettres inutiles dans la grille pour repérer plus aisément les mots.

Pensez-vous qu'il soit possible d'ajouter une option permettant de cacher une lettre (par exemple, un clic droit sur une lettre la mettrait en blanc sur fond blanc) ce qui faciliterait le repérage ?

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Hi Xtof054!

That content type was not created by the H5P core team, but contributed by Jithin Thankachan. Unfortunately, he does not maintain his content type anymore. Even though the source code is openly available, I doubt that someone is going to contribute what you request.