Phrase randomizer

Based in something like

We don't expect core team to develop this feature. If community thinks it is interesting, we would create a proper repository.

  • Exercise with random pre-defined fields in which words are generated in series for the reconstruction of fixed sentences.  
  • User can decide whether it is just the generation of random text parts or a task with a solution, such as the generation of sentence constructions with a correct or incorrect answer (only one sentence is correct in between all possible chances).  
  • The creator decides the number of wheels. Each wheel corresponds to a word or a group of words, and the color of each wheel can be chosen individually or, if community prefers, we could provide some predefined palettes. 
  • The words are entered via text (with instructions). 
  • Text would be sanitized / cleaned. Only plain text.
  • The number of elements (words or word combinations) per wheel can be arbitrary and of different lengths.  
  • The random generator is started by pressing a button.  
  • With the "Task with solution" option, each wheel can be moved up or down individually after it has stopped by clicking on an arrow below the wheel to create the phrase construction being searched for. Each click generates a signal.
  • The user clicks the "Check" button to check if the corresponding phrase construction is correct.  
  • If the construction is correct, the word construction lights up green.  
  • The number of hits is continuously displayed at the top of the screen.  
  • The user completes the task by pressing the "Done" button and sees the constructions found in list form below the generator.
Phrase randomizer, splitted in different words or small group of words
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