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A number of years ago, we used a platform called "Rezzly" to track students' participation in extracurricular learning for language classes.  Unfortunately, the platform no longer exists.  Could H5P develop something similar?

Here's how it worked for us:

  • we added a series of different activities to the platform (e.g. attend movie en espanol; attend Speaker X from Mexico lecture, play board games with your friends in Spanish, cook a typical Peruvian dish)
  • each activity was assigned a different value depending on complexity and required language use
  • some activities were time-limited (e.g. if the lecture was on a particular night, it disappeared after that date)
  • students needed to submit materials to demonstrate that they completed the actiivty (e.g. a photo of them at the theatre with ticket, written reflection on experience.  These submissions were approved by the instructor.

The app lacked a leaderboard, but in our perfect world we would have something like the leaderboard on "The Chase".  

I know the need for moderator oversight is going to be a challenge for H5P since most things are automarking, but I think there might be a lot of overlap with "The Chase" and it might be a useful feature for those of us using H5P.com.  

* A thought about students entering their own text.  At present, the FIB question type allows students to type whatever they want into the gaps.  These gaps are then auto-graded and marks assigned.  But, what if they were ungraded?  What if they were used only for students to write text (like entering info on a form)?  Then, at least in H5P.com, our instructors can look at the content in "Reports" and download it as a CSV.  This might also be a way for students to write reflections on their experiences in the activity tracker.  Instructors won't give marks, but they will either approve or not students participation. 

Content types: 
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I doubt that this is something that H5P can support currently, at least not fully.

There's no mechanism in H5P core to support upload of files such as photos by learners. It is not complicated at all to build in general, but one would need to think about possible side effects ranging from upload limits to liabilities that should also be handled in some way or another. Also, every H5P integration (moodle, WordPress, Drupal, H5P.com. etc.) would require additional care for handling the uploads.

A leaderboard might also require some extra work in the background, because "The Chase" is only intended for synchronous scenarios (or you'd have to keep your teacher connection open for as long as that project should run) - and the technology required is only available on H5P.com.

The rest would be putting things into a content type. Not complex, but also takes (free) time ...

There's H5P Free Text Question for collecting texts from students and for viewing them on the host platform (e.g. moodle), even though this one doesn't seem to be available on H5P.com. One can also use Essay instead and set it to ignore scoring.