Please allow exporting of "text" elements in the documentation tool. Kind of ridiculous this doesn't already exist.

Title says it all. Why can't we export the text elements in the documentation tool?

I am finding myself growing more and more frustrated with H5P because of small, odd inconveniences like this. I do not see any reason why this could not be a toggle-able feature.

I spent all this time using this documentation tool thinking it would work great to faciliate a guided notetaking exercise only to find that all this work I just did is useless. No one can see my prompts, questions, or explanations in the final exported document. Legitimately, what is the point? I saw in another forum post that this can be done by editing the code. How does one do that?

Is there another content type that would better for what I am trying to do?

export text elements in documentation tool
Content types: 
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